I get so many emails from Brides asking what they should bring for their trial, and it can vary depending on prepared you are. This is why stylists will often suggest waiting until 8-12 weeks before the wedding for your trial, by this time you should have the major details set such as colour scheme, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, the wedding dress and accessories. Your stylist won’t share any of your images/plans ahead of the wedding or without your consent, what happens in the trial, stays in the trial so you mustn’t worry about anything being leaked ahead of the big day. It’s a bit like a hotel maid stealing your favorite fancy shoes, it’s not worth our reputation!

The essential things you need to take with you are:

  • Three to five inspiration pictures of styles you like for hair and/or makeup – Pinterest and Instagram are good sources for inspo.

  • A picture of your dress, more points for you in it

  • Any accessories you plan on wearing on the day

  • A picture of your bridesmaids dresses

Less essential, but super helpful things, you could take with you:

  • Your closest confidant, someone who will be your best critic and also your biggest cheerleader when it comes to bride-tribe duties.

  • A digital mood board for your wedding scheme – this gives us a really quick way of understanding what kind of style you lean towards be it relaxed, boho, classic, chic, vintage and so on, pictures paint a thousand words.

  • Your wedding lipstick, if you’ve picked one. Your stylist will happily take the time to suggest options for lipsticks at your trial but they won’t be around for your entire wedding day (unless you’ve got a big budget of course!) so you’ll likely need to top up your lipstick. If you’re confident in picking one out ahead of your trial or you’ve got a fave that you know looks good – take it with you!

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