As a Bridal Hair & Makeup Stylist, I’m at wedding mornings ALOT. Most weekends in fact so I have a great insight into what makes a fun and relaxed morning, here are my top tips!

The most important thing! I would recommend ‘picky bits’, the classic continental spread works a treat croissants, fruit, yoghurt, granola, brioche rolls…the list goes on! Wedding mornings can be a bit hectic, people aren’t sat still for long so food they can pop in on the fly has always been the most successful spread I’ve seen. If the venue doesn’t supply it, hit up your local supermarket for supplies a few days before.

It’s not a wedding morning without a cork popping, but I can’t recommend enough, having a few big bottles of water or juice knocking about too - alcohol free Prosecco, or No-Secco, can work a treat when you want to get the look of bubbles in the pictures without the wobbly after effects. Wedding’s are a wonderful celebration of love, but nobody loves a wrecked bride. Keep your fluids up, your skin will thank you for it and so will your liver…

It’s a fun morning, the prosecco (and water) is flowing, the snacks are being demolished all you need is a great soundtrack to keep the spirits up and eyes open…it’s often an early start! I would always recommend making sure someone packs a little wireless speaker to ensure the mood stays light and fun, eerie silence is not relaxing for you or your stylist - we’re a creative bunch so as the music flows so do our creative juices. There are loads of great ready made playlists on Spotify for wedding mornings so you don’t even have to invest much time in it, unless of course you know you’re going to have more fun with your girls if it’s all your jams.

The trend of wedding PJ’s and Robes isn’t going anywhere but if you’re getting married in the summer - do yourself and your bridesmaids a favour and go for cotton…silk is lovely but it is HOT. I can’t tell you how many bridesmaids I’ve had in my chair that have said they’re sweating in their robe, if they’re sweating before it’s even mid-day then you run the risk of makeup shifting or hair dropping out.

A crochet hook
Lots of wedding gowns have super cute buttons down the back, lots of bridesmaids have freshly manicured nails, the two don’t always work hand in hand. If you’ve got buttons on your dress, I would recommend packing a crochet hook to get those tiny elastics over the buttons with ease. I sometimes carry them with me in my kit, just incase but they are super cheap from Amazon if you haven’t got a crafty mum, nan or friend with one already.

I get asked for scissors ALL THE TIME and if your hairdresser has some, they’ll be precious hair scissors that aren’t supposed to be used for anything except hair (it will make them blunt). Some hairdressers will happily oblige but better to be safe than sorry, there’s always a rogue label somewhere that needs the snip.

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