Hey there, brides-to-be! So, you've got your eye on that perfect wedding look, but you're wondering, "How long does a bridal trial really take?" Well, let's break it down in the simplest possible way!

Think of a bridal trial as your dress rehearsal for looking fab on your big day. It's the time to try out different hair and makeup styles, making sure you're feeling like a million dollars.

Here's the scoop on what can affect how long your trial might last:

  • Style Complexity: Going for a natural vibe? That might be quicker than a full-on glam look with all the bells and whistles.

  • Number of Looks: If you're thinking of switching up your look between the ceremony and the party, that could add some time.

  • Chat Time: The more you chat with your beauty team about what you want, the more time you might spend. But hey, it's totally worth it!

Get this – a bridal trial usually takes around two to three hours sometimes more if it’s hair and makeup and multiple looks are involved (always give your stylist a heads up if this is the case). It's like a warm up – we might need to play around with styles, make adjustments, and find our groove.

Here are a few quick tips to own your bridal trial:

  • Bring Inspo: Show up with pics of styles you love. It's like a Pinterest party for your hair and makeup.

  • Wear White-ish: If you can, wear a top kinda like your dress colour. It helps you imagine the whole look better.

  • Speak Up: Don't be shy! Let your beauty squad know if you're feeling the vibe or if you're thinking of switching things up.

  • Snap Some Selfies: Take pics from all angles and in different lights to see how it looks on camera. You're gonna be the star, after all!

Trial timings vs Wedding Timings:

Just because your trial takes two to three hours this doesn’t mean we’ll need this sort of time on the day. Trials require a lot of tweaking and chatting but once we’ve found our winner, on the day we’re straight into it as we know exactly what we’re doing. Always discuss timings at the trial once you’ve locked in your look.

Bridal trials are like hanging out with your glam team and getting excited about your wedding look. They're usually two to three hours of awesomeness, helping you fine-tune your style and getting you ready to rock that aisle. So get ready to slay, bridal babes! 🌟

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