So, the wedding planning rollercoaster just took a wild turn – your chosen bridal hair or makeup artist just dropped a cancellation bomb! Don't panic, though; we've got your quick guide on what to do when your glam squad goes MIA.

  • Deep Breaths: Pause and take a breather. It's a plot twist, but you're the star of this show, and there may well be a backup plan.

  • Pick up the phone: When you’re in the right headspace, reach out to your artist. Find out what's up and if they have any superhero colleagues who could save the day.

  • Call in the Troops: Buzz your friends, family, or other vendors you're close with. A trusty recommendation might just be a text away.

  • Check those T&C’s: Take a look at your contract or the Terms & Conditions you agreed to – is there any fine print on cancellations or backups? Knowing the rules could work in your favour.

  • Detective Mode: Google and social media sleuthing time! Research those potential replacements. Reviews, pics, the whole shebang.

  • Test Drive: Meet up with your top contenders for trials. It's like a beauty date – see if you vibe and if they get your style.

  • Positive Vibes Only: Life threw a curveball, but guess what? You're gonna knock it out of the park, bridezilla-style.

Most importantly, be kind. This exact situation is every Bridal Stylists worst nightmare too, we never ever want to cancel on a bride but sometimes it can’t be avoided, life can throw curveballs at the worst possible times and it can be a tough pill to swallow. Any good stylist will help you find a replacement wherever they can whether that be physically offering a stand in or working through their contacts and sharing details of recommended replacements. Just take a moment, breathe and remember, everyone is human and life happens.

If you’re in this exact situation, and you need a wedding hair and makeup stylist at the last minute drop me a message and provided I’m available I’ll bust a gut to help a sister out.

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