The location of your trial can vary, it depends on the number of people wanting a trial and the space the stylist has. Some stylists are completely mobile and will always come to you, others may have small home studios or even rent a room/chair at a salon.

Personally, I have a small home studio which is perfect for me and a bride (and maybe one small extra person, but it’s a tight squeeze!) and that’s where I tend to do all of my trials. It works perfectly for me as I’m usually out every Saturday morning for a wedding so being able to come home, decompress, eat and drink before an afternoon trial is a real treat. Also with wedding venues being so widely spread out, I could be in Bromley for a wedding in the morning and then have to get over to Whitstable for a trial in the afternoon, it can really take it’s toll. If a bride wants more than just her to have a trial, then I’m happy to travel if necessary but will try to tie it in with a wedding in that area so I’m not doing laps of the south east.

Also, if your wedding stylist has a home studio or a creative space then chances are it’s equipped with everything they may need and will have great lighting for checking out your look. If you really want them to come to you, they may oblige but charge you additionally for travel depending on the distance it is from them.

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