Your wedding day is likely the one day in your life that you’re photographed the most (unless of course you’re famous…in which case, oooh get you!) so why would you want to risk not looking your absolute best?

Having a trial not only ensures that you are completely comfortable with your bridal look, but also, your stylist – they will play a huge role in your wedding morning so best make sure you only have the best vibes during your pre-nuptial prep.

Trials are exactly what they say on the tin, a chance to do a dry run of your wedding look without the pressure. Your stylist will help and guide you into the look that’s going to enhance your bridal glow. They will listen to your wants and desires and work with you to come to the best possible look taking into consideration your dress, your face shape, your accessories and most importantly, your vision.

Your trial is a good time to explore options, if you’re tied between a few looks, you can try a couple out – it’s always good to give your stylist a heads up on this though as they may need to allow more time for your appointment. It’s also good to share ideas with your stylist ahead of your appointment and wherever possible, you should give them a heads up on what they’re working with. They may suggest that certain styles would require additional considerations like hair extensions, padding or specific eyelashes as examples.

If after your trial, there is something you’re not happy with, trust me when I say, your stylist can take your constructive feedback. One thing most brides don’t always consider is that bridal stylists are like armadillos, they’ve got a tough outer skin - they’re often in a constant state of dehydration too, so always make sure to offer your wedding armadillo a (soft) drink or two. All press is good press, if you liked your stylist and you’re overall happy with the look but just want to ‘relax the curls’, ‘increase the eyeliner flick’ or ‘opt out of lashes on the day’ don’t be afraid to say so! They can absolutely take it, and if they can’t, they’re not the right stylist for you. Equally, if there’s more you don’t like than like, I would also suggest they aren’t the right stylist for you.

Trials are a hoot, they’re a chance to practice being a bride and who doesn’t love that? They should be relaxed, exciting and most of all fun! Don’t think of a trial as another wedding expense, think of it as icing on the cake of preparation. Sit back, relax and let your stylist make you feel fabulous, you deserve it after all that planning!

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