Wedding Hair and Makeup is a BIG DEAL for you and your stylist. It’s an incredibly important day for any couple but especially the Brides.

The cost is higher due to the bespoke nature of the application, Bridal makeup is an art, it takes longer. The pressure is REAL! As your stylists, we want to ensure that you look your absolute best which means that the perfect winged liner that you so long for is going to take us that little bit longer to apply ensuring complete symmetry, the perfect thickness for your eye shape and a crisp clean line is an absolute must. Your stylist will labour over the details, the flawless skin that’s not too shiny but not totally matt, it’s got to last whilst remaining fresh, your eyes need to pop but stay soft and romantic, your lips need to be even and perfectly lined without being over glossy (queue the sticky groom…) but not flat and two dimensional - all of this requires skill, patience and most importantly time.

Think of it this way, when was the last time you went to a 16hr party where you were the main subject of everyone’s attention with a photographer following your every move? Unless you’re a celebrity, these sort of situations are few and far between for us normos! Party or Occasion makeup doesn’t necessarily need to be as pin point accurate as wedding makeup, this is why you should expect to pay more for your wedding look than the one for your Christmas party.

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